Visual Studio Code

Color Highlight — Highlight web colors in your editor

Material theme — The most epic theme now for Visual Studio Code(darker hight contrast)

Prettier Now — VS Code plugin for Prettier Miscellaneous / Code Formatter

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2 — A customizable extension for colorizing matching brackets

Auto Rename Tag — Auto rename paired HTML/XML tag

HTML CSS Support — CSS support for HTML documents

Live Sass Compiler — Compile Sass or Scss to CSS at realtime with live browser reload.

Live Server — Launch a development local Server with live reload feature for static & dynamic pages

CSS Peek — Allow peeking to css ID and class strings as definitions from html files to respective CSS. Allows peek and goto definition. — Emmet cheatsheet — Emmet cheatsheet

Web tools Links - CSS Typography generator - Baseline Rhythm Calculator CSS with vertical rhythm - Gridlover-css vertical rhythm Generate a web font - icon fonts generator - The Color Scheme Designer

COLORZEBRA - Colors palettes

Gradients- 2 colors gradient

Gradient-generator - Autoprefixer is a PostCSS plugin which parse your CSS and add vendor prefixes - CSS optimizer - Clean CSS is now available for more than just CSS. You can now beautify, minify, format - CSS3 Generator - CSS Border Radius Generator - Gradient Generator, Border Radius, Box Shadow, Text Shadow Generator, Noise Texture, CSS Minifier, CSS Formatter and Beautifier using CSS Style Kit. - CSS Color Inverter Invert all numbered colors in a CSS stylesheet - Menus, tools, examples - CSS Shorthand Generator - JSON editor online Optimize your website using CSS Sprites! Generate CSS Sprites to speed up your website by reducing HTTP requests. RegExr is an online tool to learn, build, & testRegular Expressions (RegEx / RegExp).

Bookmarks 60 CSS Arrows - working with Fonts (Fontforge) Free online tools From Dan's Tools Blender tutorials The Ultimate HTML Generator

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This project was created for reinstall system and for faster working with some great tools. And it's not using bootstrap and cookies or jQuery =] I collected links about 10 years. I don't know is all links working, because everything's changing..